The easiest way to burn belly fat without pills or exercise. This story of a Lagos-based Enugu Woman will keep you shocked...

"My Struggle With Belly Fat And The Embarrasment It Caused Me For Four Years *Until I Found (BFRS)* Now My Husband Calls me "My Personal Model"!

If you have a flat tummy, you are in luck because you've never gone through the pain of buying clothes that don't fit you on a regular basis...

Dear Friend,

My name is Glory Okonkwo, I live along Akerele Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. Firstly, I want to thank my loving husband for not giving up on me throughout the period I struggled with burning my belly fat.

After I gave birth to my son "Chidiebere" I have been struggling to lose weight, especially to burn fat in my belly area. My main reason for doing this was to look good for my husband, but on the second hand, I knew a lot of people in the area were always talking about how big my stomach had become.

*No Jokes* Children laugh at me whenever I pass the streets as they play football along the road. I was determined to burn belly fat by all means. Over the course of four years, I had tried different pills, to very difficult exercises which of course, I couldn't keep up with.

Do you know those Fat Japanese wrestlers (Sumo Wrestlers)? That's what my husband jokingly called me whenever we wanted to make love because my belly was just like theirs. To him, he was joking, but deep down in me, I was pained. 

One Comedian Referred to Me as Acara Pierced With Two Toothpicks... Wait... This is Not Funny At All, Untill You Realise How Slim My Legs Were ...

I and my husband were invited to an event that was hosted by his friend. It was all fun as some comedians made us laugh, not until I was pressed and decided to use the rest-room.

As I walked out of the event center to locate where I could ease my self, the comedian looked at me and said "Why you dey comot for the hall when I dey talk. Come dey make me feel like say I nor funny. Weda I funny or not, dem go still pay me." at that point, I gave him a deaf ear. He then finished me by saying "see as she dey like acara wey dem chook 2 toothpick." Everyone laughed as I left the hall.

I got into the toilet, eased myself, but couldn't come out because I was ashamed of the way I looked, I imagined walking down the hall back to my sit since my sit was at the front row, you can bet that it was a no-no for me. 

After the event, my husband was upset about the embarrassment and talked to his friend about it. The comedian finally apologized to me, but the damage has already been done jare.

I kept on looking for every possible means to easily burn fat on my belly. I took pills, did some tedious exercises which of course I couldn't be consistent with. The funny thing is that whenever I stop exercising for just one week, it seems like the fat my belly increases, and my belly gets bigger.

Fast Forward To Four Years Later (2018) When I Found The Solution To My Problem ...

On September 24th, 2018, Henry my husbands' friend who is based in Indonesia visited us. As my husband went out to pick him, I quickly tied my girdles, because that how I do whenever a visitor comes around.

I didn't want anybody to know that I had so much fat in my belly, but unluckily for me, Henry was quick to spot the girdle from outside my cloth. He asked me why I was using a girdle, and I told him I had a big tummy, a very fat one at that. He told me his wife also had the same issue after childbirth and quickly burned hers using a set of tools which they purchased at Indonesia.

I was like "Okay...." He told me that he could buy and ship to me when he gets back to Indonesia. I truly wasn't' interested because I had tried so many things and none worked. So ignorantly agreed, he then said I will have to give him some money to buy them for me, at that point, I asked him not to worry, that I was already taking care of myself with some other pills.

Thanks to my husband who then spoke up, asked for the cost,  and gave Henry some money to purchase this tool for me.

When this product arrived in Nigeria, I went by myself to pick it up, I swear I wasn't expecting anything much from it. After using it for just one week, I was shocked at the result so I continued using it until I had burned the whole fat I needed to burn.

The Most Exciting thing about it was that it didn't deprive me of living my normal life, this is what I mean.

  • There are no amphetamines.
  • No drugs of any kind.
  • No pills. No powders.
  • No chalky-tasting drinks to mix.
  • No special foods to buy.
  • There’s no strenuous exercise program.
  • You don’t count calories. Just follow the instructions. It’s easy.
  • You eat the foods you really enjoy. Great variety. Great taste.
  • You can dine out.
  • There’s much less fluid retention.
  • There’s no ketosis.
  • No bad breath odor.
  • But here’s the best part ... Once you lose weight, you can keep it off. Permanently! 

I call this my *Secret Tool* to burn belly fat.

Recently as I was about to do the do with my husband, he jokingly called me Sumo wrestler, and I told him I won't give him access to the other room until he calls me "his personal model" Guy man nor waste time ooo, he shouted at the top of his voice "My personal model" Conji for kill am, lol...


Introducing Belly Fat Removal Set (BFRS)

Belly Fat Removal Set (BFRS) is a complete toolbox for people who want to burn belly fat. It comes with a waist trainer, plastic belly wrap, and an organic belly fat burner gel (OBFBG) made in Indonesia with native Indonesian herbs. 

So many of my friends have asked me to get them this BFRS tool, but how do I? It has been an issue for me as I had been looking for where to buy it from in Nigeria. Luckily, I contacted Henry to buy them and ship to me, which he agreed to do, so I purchased 30 pieces at once. Eleven (11) of my friends have already gotten from me, so I am left with just Nineteen (19) in stock. 

Note: Each of the BFRS set costs Rp 690000 (Indonesian Rupiah) which is equivalent to ₦ 17638.54 (Naira). This includes both shipping them down to Nigeria.

I am supposed to sell this product for ₦ 25,000 so I can make some profit. But having you in mind, I know that not everyone can afford such huge amount of money, I will be selling it to the first 10 people to place an order at ₦19,500, at least that's the best I can do. I would be using the extra fund on the ₦ 17638.54 to ship it down to your location.

I will be doing a discount for the first 10 people to purchase the BFRS today. Be among the lucky ones. Instead of paying ₦ 25,000, I will be slashing the price for you to ₦19,500 if you miss this opportunity, you will have to pay ₦ 25,000.

Sorry, You Missed The Promo, Price Has Increased To ₦25,000

See What People are Saying About BFRS

Below are comments from my friends that already used the Belly Fat Removal  Set.

"I will forever be grateful to you Glory. The Belly Fat Removal Set is a miracle for me.

Thanks a lot."

- Camsy Anyawu

"What would I have done without the BFRS? My husband is now proud of my looks. You know my big tummy almost scattered my marriage.

Thanks Glory

- Abioye Christus

"Thanks, big sis, I have never been confident about my body, and I think this is the thesame reason my ex broke up with me.

Me I have started attending weddings ooo, make I go find husband jare."

- Christabel Abiodun

What Are You Waiting For? There's No Time, Be Among The First Ten People To Buy At The Promo Price of ₦19,500 Instead of 25,000

Sorry, You Missed The Promo, Price Has Increased To ₦25,000

You can contact Mr. Keklechi, he is in charge of Delivering the product to you. 

Here is his Phone number. 08139327903

It's Payment on Delivery if you stay in Lagos, Port Harcourt or Abuja.

It's Payment on Delivery if you stay in Lagos, Port Harcourt or Abuja.

How It Works

Step 1:  Clean your belly with warm water and a towel

Step 2:  Apply the organic belly fat burner gel (OBFBG), and massage the affected area.

Step 3:  Wrap your belly with the plastic belly wrap

Step 4:  Put on the waist trainer

That's it. You can wear this set wherever you are. At the Office, at home, in school, etc.

It's that comfortable.

Glory Okonkwo

Belly Fat Removal Set (BFRS)

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